Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Sensuous date with destiny (30/6/11)

A Review - Estee Lauder Sensuous EDP
Adelaide today: 18°c/65°f

It has been a long time since I visited an Estee Lauder fragrance. White Linen and Youth Dew have been popular here for many years and in my younger years I found them too heavy for my taste. I was eager to try Beyond Paradise when it was released, party due to the Eden project connection. I was mostly underwhelmed by it.  The lovely Carrie Meredith recommended Sensuous and after reading current discussions about it, I decided to give it a try.

The sample sat on my desk all day yesterday and most of today, for some reason I was apprehensive about it. Then I took a deep breathe and said “Ok, just do it”.  The creamy sandalwood comes through right at the beginning with ylang and gentle songbirds doing a sugar plum fairy dance around it. This captured me immediately. Ylang and sandalwood are among my favourite essential oils. Sensuous feels like a kindred spirit softening the edges, adding nuance and subtlety with light floral spicy notes, bringing out the soul and essence then fixing it in place with warming amber. It is a lovely almost linear harmony. L’air du desert marocain is my current amber love, Sensuous has just nestled along side it and given it a warm embrace.  Sensuous is sitting around the fire drinking Grenache and listening to Leonard Cohen’s, First We Take Manhattan and chattering on about things of yore.

I feel I now need to revisit those earlier Estee Lauder fragrances and add Cinnabar to the list. What is old can be new again.

Notes per the Estee Lauder website: Warm - Molten Woods, Amber, Feminine – Jasmine, Ghost Lily, Magnolia, Ylang Luminous - Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Honey,Mandarin, Orange Pulp

Sample was purchased by me.

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Sharryn ~♥~


  1. This is such a beautiful perfume. I can't wait to try the upcoming Sensuous Nude. I think Sensuous is an extraordinary creamy, woody scent that is really sophisticated yet comforting. It's a staple around here! Excellent review, Sharryn. :)

  2. Sharryn StormonthFri Jul 01, 10:06:00 AM

    Thank you, you are very kind. I was quite nervous about it, but I guess I will improve as time goes by. ~♥~

  3. All it takes is time to develop your own unique point of view-- you'll be there before you know it! Off to a great start!

  4. Recently (not more than a month ago ;) ), after reading all the accolades, I got samples for both Sensuous and Sensuous Noir. All I need now is to find time and skin RE to test them (on paper they smell not bad).


    (I have no idea why I still cannot log into Blogger to comment on some blogs and have no problems on others)

  5. Sharryn StormonthMon Jul 04, 04:15:00 PM

    Thanks for the reply Undina, I look forward to reading you reviews. You've possibly already been there, but just in case you haven't,Joan at has been posting her Estee Fest this week reviewing Youth Dew, White Linen and Aliage among others. Great posts. Lot's of great back story to the brand as well. I need to whip out and get these three for testing... Have a fabulous Fourth of July. Sharryn ~♥~

  6. Hi Sharryn!
    Great review! I'm tempted to resniff Sensuous after reading your review - I've never tested it on skin and that might make all the difference.

    Thank you for spreading the word about EsteeFest. We really appreciate it. Your review of Sensuous came at the perfect time!

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

  7. Sharryn StormonthThu Jul 07, 09:14:00 AM

    Hi Joan, thank you so much for the lovely comment. Need to get my courage up to write the next one :)

  8. I like Sensuous. I've been testing Sensuous Nude over the past week or so, too. Have you tried it yet? It's nice. Can't say much more than that about it, though. I've been very random with my testing lately, and pretty much everything is a blur!

  9. Sharryn StormontFri Jul 08, 09:58:00 AM

    Hi I haven't tried Nude but I did receive a sample of Noir yesterday to try. Will get around try testing this. Re; the blur, that is the story of my life at the moment, End of Financial Year so my desk is covered in reconciliations and reports... It pays the bills :) BTW loved your Perfume in Adweek post...

  10. Sharryn StormonthFri Jul 08, 10:02:00 AM

    Oops! ..typo get around to testing... Brain Drain..and another re: